SwimTrek: Croatia One

The next instalment of summer beauty comes curtsey of Croatia.

Thanks to SwimTrek I got to spend a glorious ten days on the island of Dugi otok in the cutest little port town called Sali.  

This trip was amazing because I got to spend a little more time there than I did for all the other trips as I was filming two videos this time. 

That meant I had lots of time to perfect my timelapsing skills, hike up hills for new angles and film every sunset... (more of all this stuff later)

I also had one of the best days shooting I've ever had. I was on a boat being salt blasted, wind in hair and getting a glorious tan... it was lush!

... Trailer time: 

I do quite enjoy making these little trailers... I might make my full-time job, Instagram filmmaker... is that a thing?

Also enjoying black and white. After a summer of vivid colours and light flares it's nice to go back to what really inspires me- black and white- pure simplicity. 

And now to the real deal of a film... here it is. Let me know what you think.