SwimTrek: Lithuania

So here is the next instalment of the SwimTrek series... Lithuania! 

(Here's the first if you missed it!)

Lithuania is probably my personal favourite of all the films I shot this summer (there are 6 in total). I'm not entirely sure why...

I think it's a combination of factors: Being somewhere totally different, shooting from a kayak, being ridiculously happy when I shot it and getting emotional during the edit ... all these things kind of made this a film I can't really view objectively.

But it's made me love it.

And much like all love- I have no idea if this makes myself and it a genius or a fool. I actually don't know if it's a good film or not... but I adore it anyway! 

Here's the trailer before I babble on anymore...

Technically, this film was tough. 

Have you ever tried shooting from a kayak?! 

It's unstable and you can't take much with you and it's a good job I took my amazeballs North Face waterproof bag with me because I was wet 90% of the time.

But... these are the reasons I love the film. Getting low to the water, gliding along beside the swimmers- it was immersive filmmaking, in the zone, in the same rhythm of the people I was shooting... pretty hypnotising actually.

Anyhoo, enough chatter... here is the film- let me know what you think!