SwimTrek: Milos

So, it's finally time to share with you what I've been doing all summer!

I have been lucky enough to have spent most of my time recently filming on boats and living off pizza and fresh fish (depending on the location!). That's because I've been making a series of small promo films for the amazing folks over at SwimTrek

Now... this is the first one- Milos. An awesome little Greek island that I got sent to as my first location to film.

Here's a little trailer I made for Instagram. (PS. You should totally follow me on Insta btw- just saying.) 

It was amazing, but I'm not going to lie, it was a learning curve... as they all were in their own ways. 

This one mainly taught me that I needed more batteries, a hat and better GoPro accessories.

It is also where my summer long obsession with mastering the timelapse began...

So here it is... Hope you enjoy.