Swimtrek: Italy

Time for another SwimTrek instalment!

So by this point in the summer I'd done Greece, Lithuania and Croatia- times two it was time for Italy.  

This was a whistle-stop visit, plopped on the end of my days in Croatia. There were many boats and trains and ferries that didn't exist to get me to the idyllic Tremiti Islands.

It was a mission I'm not going to lie... but a very well worth it one...

This film had a lot less footage that the others given my shorter stay there. I also felt like it was a bit more grab and run, get what you can kind of deal... which stressed me out a little... but I think on reflection you can't see much difference in the final film. By this point I knew what I was doing and what I needed to get so shooting with intention wasn't too hard. 

Plus, it was an amazing little island- very photogenic and full of lovely Italians!... so you know... I coped. 

Anyways, here is the finished film... Hope you like it!