Do you work outside of London?

Absolutely! I love to get out and about. The Daily Lunge has made films in Greece, Italy, Sri Lanka, France... all over the shop! 

All I ask is that you cover travel, accommodation and sustenance where required. A fee of £150 per travel day will also be added to your quote.


How much filming time we will need?

Always longer than you think! 

There's a lot of set-up and planning time needed when shooting a film so keep that in mind. If you have two locations that need to be visited, or your films require people to act, that will add considerable time too. It's also good to have back up plans and ideas incase things don't work out as we had hoped in regards to weather, children and animals!   

That said, there are many ways we can be efficient with our time. I will storyboard all shoots with you beforehand, coming up with a shot list so we know exactly what we have to shoot on the day. Having that information you can make sure that whatever, or whoever we are filming is ready, prepped and looking gorgeous. 


I have no idea what I'm doing, can you help?!

Of course! Don't worry- making a film is fun and should be a collaborative process. 

In our call, or coffee date if you're around, I can talk you through what would be the best approach for you in regards to your needs. I have lots of experience making many different kinds of films for varying audiences, all I need to do is learn about you, your company and what you want to achieve. 

Everything will get storyboarded and thought through before I get anywhere near a camera so there's little chance of us losing our way. 


Can you optimise my film for social media?

Totally! If you want a square or a portrait film, or you want to pop on some subtitles then just let me know. All films will be exported to fit the specifications of where they will be played and on what platform... including the mastering of the music and sound. 


How long will it take to get my film?

There's a lot of love and thinking and testing that goes into the dark art of editing a film... and it's always a process best left un-rushed... especially if you're getting a composed track too!

That said, I know how much you want to get them onto they eyeballs of your adoring public, so I endeavour to turn everything around within a couple of weeks. I will send regular updates too and I'll become your new phone call buddy for sure!  

Obviously, if there are deadlines involved, let me know and I will hit them like they're going out of fashion! 


How can you shoot for two days and only make a 30 second film?!

I am of the opinion that longer films aren't always better films. It is much much harder to distil a story down to 30 seconds than it is to tell it in 3 minutes.... and sometimes in this day and age 30 seconds is all you get. 

If you shoot for two days and put all that rich detail and colour into 30 seconds you're going to get a more potent film. There's no fluff or filler- just pure story telling... more bang for your buck. 


So shorter films are better?   

Not necessarily!

What you've got to do is decide what function the film is playing for you. Shorter is better on social media, for an impactful brand awareness film, to get people excited about a new product or for a low-commitment promo video on your website's home page. 

But, if you're looking to tell deeper stories about your brand and let people really get to know you, then longer films are perfect. If you have a passionate CEO, or customers you want to champion, then letting their tales unfold at a slower pace is brilliant. Longer films are better if you want a more explanatory film, or you want to launch a kickstarter campaign, or you want to film a case study. 

Think of these films as mini documentaries... they can delve deeper, show how you work and most importantly- why you do what you do. 


Where can I post my film?

Anywhere online! Everything, including music, is cleared for worldwide usage so no need to worry. When you post it I'd appreciate you giving me a little love by popping 'Film by @thedailylunge' in your text. Cheers! 


Why do your films cost so much?

I'm sorry you think that- but let me explain all that goes into making a film and maybe you'll understand where the costs come from.

There's so much beyond the time actually filming- which is really the only bit you get to see.

There's a lot of planning time.... thinking, coming up with a creative and different storyboard so your film doesn't look like everyone else's. Then there's the equipment... it's hella expensive and it costs money to keep it in shape and keep it up to date, making sure I can provide the most current filmmaking trends. Moving on to the editing, which requires a top of the range computer, with up-to-date software and a billion hard drives at £100 a pop to store and back up all the footage I shoot. Then there's just life....I work from a home studio to keep my costs low, but I still need to run electricity, buy office supplies and maintain a healthy office space. I need insurance. I need to advertise, market and educate myself. 

And, crucially, I need to buy coffee to fuel it all. 

So I hope that explains a little!   


Still not answered all your ponderations? Drop me an email and I'll do my best! (