Get-up. Go out. Do stuff… Make strides. 

Who is The Daily Lunge?


Well, me...

I'm Jess. I've got 8 years experience in everything from documentaries on broadcast TV to branded online content. 

I develop, produce, shoot and edit most projects on my own, but have a trusted band of freelancers to call on when I need help!


I also work closely with a composing duo that turns my work into real magic.

As you can probably tell, I tend to specialise in quirky, fun online content and like to work with anyone doing something positive, fun and beneficial. 

I did a journalism MA, and have lived in China, Japan, Italy and France... so basically I can talk to anyone and put them at ease. I also find being happy generally makes the job go smoother!

I'd love to help you out if you think we'd click...check out the rest of my website and get in touch :)


I've been operating under the name The Daily Lunge ever since social media became a thing. The reason isn't entirely clear, but I guess on some level I knew one day I was going to head out on my own and would require a great company name...

And let's face it, The Daily Lunge is a little more entertaining than Jess Dowse.